Running with the Wolves (revisited)




Shines on skin


Frost crunches

Under bare feet

Breath a vaporous cloud

Visible in the chill night air

I do not feel the cold

Shiver only from the thrill


Mournful cry

Of my brothers and sisters

In the still night

Calls to me

Sings of adventures

To be shared

Pulses in my veins

Awakens the hunter

Lures me to the pack


I give up

My fear

My humanity


I offer


Red blood

Burning passion

That smolders deep


I embrace

The night

Heady freedom




I am running with the wolves tonight


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved



      1. We have lost contact with our inner selves, that primate who learned to stand and then to spread thru the world. There are some people who think that all is learned by people and there is no room for primordial instinct. They are wrong and no amount of simple reassertion of that error will make them right.

        There are reasons why the bond between the dog and humans has endured so well. We both share the instincts of the wolf. We deny this at our great peril.

        I picture myself and my companion dog, gliding thru the forests and fields, naked as we all should be, seeking the evening’s meal. We are still in the stone age in our hearts.

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