A Room So Still and Quiet It Hurts: A Collaboration of Warriors

I have been blessed to participate in several large collaborative pieces. I am always in awe of the talent, generosity and humanity the writers who participate in these display. This was a particular labor of love for me and I cannot thank the writers who agreed to participate enough.

Blood Into Ink


In memory of Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell and all that wrestle with the demon of depression and have walked too close to the edge of the abyss.

Christine Ray

In a room so still and silent

That it hurts

Stark white walls

Razor sharp edges

Etch my soul

Draw blood

That drips slowly


From my mouth

I am trapped

Like a fly in amber

Time stands still

The air is thick

Holds me motionless

In this prison cell

I feel vibration

A silent scream building

From my depths

Rachel Finch

Barricaded, her aura stifles

in the quiet.

Walls closing in, silence


Her mind internally

burning, blistering.

His voice a faint echo,

worlds away.

Rana Kelly

I tell them they’re lying,

The monsters that cling

To the lobes and whorls

Of my ears.

They laugh and go on.

I pull the covers up

To my chin and let…

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9 thoughts on “A Room So Still and Quiet It Hurts: A Collaboration of Warriors

  1. Haunting…Chris Cornell’s death shook me to the core. His writing was poetry for my soul. (I lost Layne Staley first. ) And then Chester so soon. Haunting beautiful words. I mourn still for people never met but whom feel like old friends.

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