Blood Into Ink Writing Prompt Challenge: Pia Majumdar

Will you show me love as we get older, as I’m falling at your feet? You yourself are not sure about our future, then how can I be? My love for you, was delusional, just like you were.

Working in a mental asylum is way worse than how people actually describe it to be.

My name is Tina, I started working here after graduating from college. I needed cash for further education so I joined here, the money was good , so it wasn’t any hassle working in a asylum. My main duty was to distribute medicines to patients, and sometimes feed it to them. There were 3 guards always with me for protection. Sometimes  I felt bad for some patients, those who went insane due to terrible tragedies occurred in past. And sometimes there were total lunatic cases, vicious beasts who bit and tore apart their own flesh with their own teeth.

And then one day a new patient arrived, with a sadistic and gloomy past. While returning to office , I heard my boss, speaking in hushed tone to another nurse- that man is violent and dangerous as hell , he’s here on court order, if he tries to escape give him shock therapy, and electric lashings, you know what to do. But sir what did he do? Asked the nurse. He slashed his wife’s wrists and drowned her in bathtub in their own home. Her red pale blood flowed like ink upon the pale white colored tiles.

A cold shiver ran down my spine, as I tried to ignore it my boss called for me. Tina I have a task for you, no backing out. Yes sir, order away, I said shivering internally. You have to give him shock therapy if he tries to escape from his ward. I asked whom do I have to treat? His name is Arin , he’s here on court order , after treatment he will go to jail. Without further ado I left for my new responsibility.

Ward no. 223, my new job area, wow what a luck I have. I coaxed myself the next day to put my legs to work and walk the pale colored hallways towards the restricted and haunting ward, where my new patient was waiting. Arin, the most beautiful man I have ever see, with dark circles boring under his eyes, making him look kinda haunted and lost. His face is white, with bite marks on both hands, an athletic body with several tattoos on his back, disappearing under his pants. How can such a wonderful man kill someone, I wondered.

We began conversing with each other, during shock therapy intervals, he was young , handsome, amazing, well versed in mixology. ‘You look beautiful like that’, he said softly, when I entered his ward after giving him his medications.  I’m going to leave you now I said. Longing and desire flooded through me. I wanted him so badly, but I knew that this time I  could not have him, he was a criminal and I was his nurse.

During the course of his treatment, he consistently cried and told me that he was being framed, another intruder that night killed his wife and pinned the murder on him. I wanted to kiss him and make everything right but I was not allowed as there were guards present with me.

This went on for 3 months I could not take it anymore and decided to tell him that I love him. That night after 10, I went to his ward, removed his restraints and hugged him. He told me he was irrevocably in love with me and begged me to free him from this place. I decided to help him escape from this place and to elope with him, suddenly I felt a bang, my head throbbed hard and my sight went pitch black and I collapsed right there.

Cuff her and tie her to the bed rails, instructed doctor Arin. Arin then talked with Tina’s lawyer, who was here after 3 months to know about her medical progression. She was suffering from schizophrenia and terrible hallucinations, with no depth and consciousness of reality. Tina, on 23rd may 2015 killed her husband, drowned him in bathtub, and slashed his wrists. Even with intensive therapy of shock treatments and lashings, she lost depth of reality and tried to kill her doctor –Arin.

Tina was found dead in her ward, after 3 days of the last escape attempt, wailing Arin’s name. Arin cried himself to sleep, he fell in love with a mental patient, met with a terrible end, and at last moved to different country.

The end

I am Pia Majumdar, a fellow student , passionate  blogger, and currently in search of who I truly am, always trying to improve myself and make a better version of my own soul

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