Blood Into Ink Writing Prompt Challenge: Dorian

History is written in blood
battles fought throughout ages
since the dawn of time.
Ground soaked in red
evolution of destruction
ahead of it’s time.
Since wars are fought
with sticks and stones
fire and swords to bullets and drones
Few lead the many
since the dawn of humanity
their weapon pen and paper
words written in blood.
Weapons of mass destruction
powerful bombs, fire and poison
are only the product of
place where the destruction starts.
The words written inside
envelope labeled classified
the words behind twisted mind.
Archetype of destruction
the wizard of lies
destroyer of lives
magician creating white dove
pulling rabbit out of hat
deceiving masses
sending them to their death
writing their fate
with ink drenched in blood.

I am Dorian from Croatia, and I love to write, here is a link to my blog where I post my poems:
I also write fiction and other things. I am an aspiring writer and I love to write pretty much anything that comes to my mind.

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