Blood Into Ink Writing Prompt Challenge: Terinson Redoble

The question is how do you write your name?
Many people struggle on how to make their names, some even push themselves harder just to be recognized. But what really happened is that, they will only be remembered once they were gone. So the question again is how do you write your name this time?
A great saying says pen is mightier than sword. But for me, the pen is not the key. But the ink coming from it. People are making their names thru hardships, they are writing their name thru their sweat as their ink on their pen. But is it really enough? Blood is thicker than water, at the same time more visible than it. Sweat ink wrote in transparency and will never be read but blood do. The more blood is spilled, the more it is visible to everyone. The more it is used, the more it will be remembered.

Respect to the people who inked their blood to their pen and fight for the country.  Salute to the falling soldiers in Marawi, for me you will always be remembered. Your own blood writes your own history and will never be forgotten forever.

My name is Terinson Redoble, 27 years old. I was born in April and I’m from Cebu,
Philippines. I live with my wife and a daughter and currently working at a University here in Cebu as faculty member.When I read about the Blood Into Ink contest,  I was so interested in sharing my thoughts about the topic. I am new in this blogging industry and this is my first time participating this kind of event. I blog at TORPE07


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