Blood Into Ink Writing Prompt Challenge: Cherylene Nicholas

You used your words to break me down

And that turned my smile upside down

Blinded by my love for you

I forgot I had to love myself too


I allowed my true self to be locked away

Not knowing that deep down I had some say

Or that one day I would find my way

My way back to my true self,

That special me I hid on a shelf


Now that my blood no longer runs cold

And new purpose fills my soul

Not even you could keep me back in this world

As I turn my blood into ink

I look to the future and can’t help but think


I have created my own path

Looking back at my life that is a big start

I won’t pretend I am protecting my heart

This time I’m playing it smart 

Cherylene Nicholas is a School Administrator and Teacher.  She created her very first blog where she writes poetry, health and wellness segments and enlightens her readers on other various topics.  She is focused on self-development and self-improvement and is not afraid of sharing some of the life lessons she has learnt along the way.  She is not afraid to try something new and keeps learning more and more about her talents every day.


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