drink of choice-Lois E. Linkens

The divine Lois E. Linkens.

lois e. linkens


i’m already dead, he sighed. i must be, or there would be a little more kick in this cheese and pickle sandwich.
she raised an eyebrow at him over her cup of coffee. darling, must you continue with the melodrama till the sky falls in on us?
you’ll eat those words when you’re lowering me into the ground, he muttered.
i didn’t fall in love with your ability to stay alive, she said. the most brilliant of minds sometimes lead the shortest lives.
but i don’t have a brilliant mind, now do i?
she took a sip of coffee. the bitter taste of the granules mingled deliciously with the sweetness of two sugars.
life’s a night out, harold. some of us are shots – strong, sharp, and finished quick. others are more dilute, long and drawn out – vodka and lemon. or gin and tonic.
and what are you? he…

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