Meet a Warrior: Introducing Dom

Blood Into Ink introduces another beautiful, fierce and bold warrior. Meet Dom.

Blood Into Ink

The strength of Blood Into Ink is the writers who gather here. Each member is fierce, talented and incredibly respectful and supportive of others living with a history of trauma. We believe that their stories will move and inspire you



Where do you live? Thoughts about it?

I stay in Michigan. And, honestly? As much as I hate the winter, there is something amazing about having all 4 seasons. Michigan is an emotional bitch when it comes to the climate.

Tell us about yourself

Well, I am a breast cancer survivor and a mother of two. I also pick up dead people for a living… (This is what I say at every first date now)…I am a silly person, I love to laugh and make others laugh… but when you put a pen in my hand or a keyboard at my fingertips, I will write life or death…

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