Mini Writing Prompt Challenge: If I Came with a Warning Label. . . #bravewarninglabelchallenge

I am throwing down the gauntlet and challenging  my readers to a Mini Writing Prompt Challenge

The Rules:

  • Write a 25 to 100 word piece of poetry, prose or flash fiction answering the question “If I came with a warning label . . . ?”
  • Add the hashtag #bravewarninglabelchallenge
  • Publish the piece on your blog before midnight EST on Sunday, August 20th
  • In the reply section below, leave a link for your posted piece

I even wrote one myself

Warning Label

At times I am a danger

to self

and others

roaring in like a tornado of ideas


art supplies

discarded shoes

a guitar pick or two

poem fragments

leaving chaos in my wake

I am prone to standing on soap boxes

flaming sword in hand

a pierced, buzz cut

tattooed Joan of Arc

invoking the goddess Truth


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


32 thoughts on “Mini Writing Prompt Challenge: If I Came with a Warning Label. . . #bravewarninglabelchallenge

  1. #bravewarninglabelchallenge

    You will find my warning label
    burnt into the backs of oppressors
    emanating from the retinas
    of my doubters
    Like your killings, my humour
    has no sense
    My warning label comes in
    blood or ink
    Tread lightly
    and place your order.

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  2. Hi Christine, I have chosen to take on your challenge. As I’m fairly new to this platform I saw this to be quite intriguing, and I just couldn’t resist. Below is a link to my piece on this challenge, do let me know if there’s something incorrect that I may have skipped over, if at all.

    Playing With Broken Toys

    I have read everyone else’s thus far that have taken on the challenge and am very impressed. Feel free to follow my blog if my words are of interest to you guys and gals.
    Thanks for the challenge.

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