Penumbra-Olde Punk

Thank you Olde Punk for being a dear friend and a bright light in the universe

Blood Into Ink


Dedicated to survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse.  My prayers and sorrow are with you.  You are warriors, all.

set the scene

blue ambiance

with pale ambivalence

a certain moral turpitude

conducted with panache

aghast, but abide

take it all, in stride


I am penumbral


deposed by disposition

ruefully relegated

to tidal gray

or grey

dependent upon your gravitational

mood this day

baleful and ruinous

this love professed

As I suffer harmful hands

bladed words piercing

ears heart soul

reaping ravages depraved

seeping chi slowly bleeds

into my pride

the thorn in my side

is the fang of a snake

mandala of calamity

engraved over the name

my mother gave me

God knows this

is not my fault

but caught I was

unaware, impaired

and weak with trust

cursed by my absence of worry

and seven times seven damned


thinking the shield of faith

could save…

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