Blood Into Ink Writing Prompt Challenge: Only Thinking of You/Us-Lavender

We’re only thinking of you.
Of your safety,
Of the maybe.
What you might do…
We’re always just here for you.
Oh, how we fear,
No, never sneer!
Send somewhere new…
We’re simply helping, it’s true.
Your blood. Our ink.
That flood cuts links.
What we must do…
We’re only thinking of us.
Better this way.
Lock you away.
Can’t take the muss.
We’re always just here for us.
Easy to shame,
You’ll take the blame.
Who needs your trust?

Lavender writes under a pseudonym, but she wants people to know that it isn’t out of shame. Experiencing trauma, learning disabilities, mental and/or chronic illnesses, are not shameful! She works in big data, but volunteering for social justice, mental health and invisible illness advocacy groups and peer supports are her true passions. She also loves to read, cook, stay up until the wee hours of the morning talking about life, the universe and everything, and practice yoga.
To read more of Lavender’s writing, visit Lavender and Levity

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