Blood Into Ink Writing Prompt Challenge: Angie Kirkham

Thanks to my innocence you so deftly pocketed, I took your hand and followed you into dark rooms time after time.

As a result of my home training, I respected my elders and did exactly as you asked, shedding my 3T panties.

By reason of naïveté, it took years for shame to bruise where the trauma existed.

Without exception I kept your secret twisted in my heart until I noticed how fragile my own daughter was at age three.

And in that instant blood turned into ink. 

Considering the brokenness of my own body as a little girl, I was compelled to write your wrongs. 

The wounds have festered and seeped. They have healed. And the ink has dried.

I am almost 49. I am chronically ill with a very rare disease that pisses me off daily.  I am attempting to be here now, even if here really sucks sometimes.
I raised two strong daughters who make me jealous and proud. I have a grandson who is my laughter.
Writing helps me breathe. Photography is meditation. I read a lot. I am outspoken. I trust few.

I blog at Virago

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