The Myths of Girlhood

we were spoiled

for reality

by milk chocolate-coated fairy tales

force fed us as girls

made to swallow

not spit

myths about beauty



taught that only pretty, pretty princesses

would be awoken by

true love’s first kiss

impossible standards of beauty


made for

bitter cherry centers

that left us empty



how old were we

when we learned

that mere mortal girls

like us

would never be beautiful enough

thin enough

kind enough

pure enough

to win Prince Charming’s gold enrobed heart?

we ate up the lessons that with the right make-up

the right clothes


if we took enough quizzes

in Seventeen magazine

about how to popular

how to catch his eye

contorted ourselves into pretzels

we might almost be enough

to be invited to dance at the ball

drink a brief taste of the pink champagne dream

before the clock struck midnight

and we turned back

into pumpkins


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

18 thoughts on “The Myths of Girlhood

    1. Indeed. And I’d like to say that changing social norms is the turning the tide but I am not so sure that we are bringing up our daughters to love themselves anymore that we loved ourselves just for who we were, to feel good enough and complete.


  1. I was thinking about this very thing the other day in line at the grocery store, eyeing the magazine covers. It’s a lie, that becomes expectation for men, until they realize it (sometimes too late)


    1. Setting men up to think they are “settling” for any woman who doesn’t look like a cover girl and setting men and women up to think that only certain types of beautiful young people are “enough” for love and sex– not like it is a normal part of existence


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