Blood Into Ink Writing Prompt Challenge: Walt Page

Don’t stop writing, keep on going

Live your life and keep the words flowing


You’ve done it before, you can do it again

Don’t let life pass you by too quickly my friend


Yesterday’s gone, today’s almost done

Don’t stop writing, tomorrow will come


Believe in yourself, your followers do

They love what you write, they believe in you


Tell us your thoughts, we’re waiting for you

Capture our minds with words that are new


I write this for me, I needed to hear it

Because I’m a writer, and I’ll never quit


Whenever I find that I’m getting stuck

I just keep on writing, no matter what


So when you find yourself on the brink

Pick up your pen and turn blood into ink


Copyright © 2017 Walt Page

All Rights Reserved

Just a romantic old rock & roll drummer, US Air Force veteran and open heart surgery survivor, living the country life in Tennessee and writing my thoughts on love, life, music and whatever comes to mind.

You can read more of Walt’s work at Walt’s Writing


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