Meet a Warrior: Introducing Aurora Phoenix

Meet Aurora Phoenix

Blood Into Ink

The strength of Blood Into Ink is the writers who gather here. Each member is fierce, talented and incredibly respectful and supportive of others living with a history of trauma. We believe that their stories will move and inspire you

MW skydiving 1Curator/Writer

Aurora Phoenix – my nom de plume

Where do you live? What do you love about it?

I live in Ohio, USA, straddled between Cincinnati and Dayton (living in one, working in the other). I have lived all of my adult life here. I grew up in Detroit, MI, USA. I love the splendor of the Great Lakes, and feel very connected to Michigan, especially northern Michigan along the lake. While Ohio still feels like an adoptive home, I love the versatility of Cincinnati. It has many of the attractions of a larger city- access to arts, sporting and cultural events – while retaining smaller neighborhoods. I continue to…

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