First Place (Tie) Breath and Bone Writing Prompt Challenge: Breath, Bone, And Blood/1WiseWoman

A planet without an atmosphere

Empty space filled with fear

Wild child

Don’t come near

With your worries and tears

Take it outside


Not seeing anything more than breath and bone

Forsaking innocence

Turning my heart to stone


Can’t find a place that feels like home

Give what’s left

To anyone that felt like love

Seen again as nothing more than breath and bone

Searching for a midnight sun


To a place built on my own

And fill the space

With love and kindness and trust

Bury the past in ash and dust

Secrets hidden within



By this broken heart

Bruised skin

Tired muscles

And a mind that knows

The truth

I am more

Than breath and bone

I write about mental illness and chronic illness. I use a variety of writing styles to incorporate all of the ugly and beauty of living with mental and chronic illness. The purpose behind my blog is to ease some of my pain as well as share some of my blessings, to provide information, encouragement and support to others and to help end the stigma against mental illness and invisible diseases.  My blog is A Lion Sleeps in the Heart of the Brave


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