Golden Dreams-John W. Leys/Darkness of His Dreams

Darkness of His Dreams

Dreams of cities paved in gold
–Gold, shiny glittering rocks
That people rape the Earth to obtain
And kill each other to keep–
Reality of soul sucked cities
Bathed in blood;
Washed in tears.

Miserable misers in golden towers,
Pay prostitutes to take golden showers.

While gold-less commoners
Scratch, scrape and struggle
For stale day-old bread,
Drenched in disease and despair
In the gutters and factories
Slaves to rent, groceries,
And rabid materialism.

Shiny black boot heels
Pressing down on their throats,
Finger pointing down the
Rat infested alleyway
Toward the new neighbors,
Whispers in desperate ears,
“Its their fault you can’t stand up.”


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