Bipolar’s Mistress/A.G. Diedericks

Our scars were vibing together
long before we ever learnt
how to dance..
She unearths the secrets
I didn’t know i had.

Torn up maps &
Cracked compasses
Subjugated by the unknown..
She comes with a lot
of baggage
But she packs light.

We feel on the outside
Blowing smoke on their mirrors
Our reflection isn’t fit for Kodak
It is too real & out of place
We’re the perfect faux pas.

In this reality of
Russian Roulette;
She’s the one lying
in my chamber,
Pacing with a bottle of Vodka.

Tear off this pallid skin,
She decreed..
Make me forget;
Shade me with your flaws
Be my best regret.

She was my catharsis;
When poetry couldn’t palliate
my darkness..
It was her
My Bipolar’s Mistress.

© A.G. Diedericks

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