Meet a Warrior: Introducing John W. Leys/Blood Into Ink

Meet a Warrior: John W. Leys/Blood Into Ink

Blood Into Ink

The strength of Blood Into Ink is the writers who gather here. Each member is fierce, talented and incredibly respectful and supportive of others living with a history of trauma. We believe that their stories will move and inspire you.

John resizedCurator/Writer

John W. Leys

Where do you live? What do you love about it?

I live in central Oregon. There are many things I love about this area, but if I were forced to choose just one I would say my favorite is being able to see the Cascade Mountains from my back yard.

Tell us about yourself

This may sound strange for a poet, but I always find it awkward talking about myself. But since you asked nicely, I’ll give it a shot:

I was born a thousand years ago in the year 5733 (Oh, sorry that’s the Hebrew Calendar, it was 1973) in Oceanside, Long Island, New York…

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