Fairy Tale Love-Sarah Doughty/ Heartstring Eulogies

Sarah Doughty, providing inspiration as always

Heartstring Eulogies

“You were meant to know the night.”

I am those moonlit pages you keep beside you at night. The ones you read over and over again like braille beneath a blanket of stars. I whisper your name in the darkness. And the taste of Jupiter explodes on your tongue when you whisper mine in return. As the paper transforms, I’m released at last. Shivers ripple through you at our first touch and the world goes still. While silence surrounds us in those long hours, it is only you and me and the sounds of us. By the time dawn breaks, and I am mere ink and pages once again, you’re reminded of one important thing: You were meant to know the night.

© Sarah Doughty

The line, “You were meant to know the night,” was inspired by the lovely @wilderpoetry.

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