O captain! My captain!-A.G. Diedericks

Please forgive us for not looking past the laughter, for how could we have known that underneath all that light was a Genie crying out for his own wish to come true. Your magic saved us when we no longer wanted to be saved, it was you, Patch Adams, that kept the doctor away. You were the reification of What Dreams May Come. The Boy Who Never Grew Up. You were the only one who could lift people out of bed during the madness of war-torn Vietnam, and made them believe that they could still somehow have a Good Morning. We took your Happy Days for granted and as a consequence, lost you to the Dead Poets Society. Rest in peace, assured with the knowledge that we will never again Doubt your Fire!

© A.G. Diedericks

A.G. Diedericks is an aspiring poet/artist. He’s an avid sports fan and a robust cinephile. He loves anything that’s well-written and resides in Cape Town, S.A

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