Elizabeth kept going- J.K.P.

I am taking a children’s and young adult literature class this semester and my first writing assignment is to write a board book. I have never done any writing for that young an age group (0-4) and I was stressing out about it when I came home from class last night. My husband was mulling over subversive board book ideas when we went to bed. During a bought of insomnia he dreamed up his OWN board book idea about Little Elizabeth Warren. I thought it was very clever. Maybe subversive board books ought to be a Brave and Reckless mini writing prompt challenge. If you are game, post a link to your submission below.

It was a gloomy, wet day but Elizabeth decided to go for a walk

Myrtle, her pet dragon, grumbled about the weather but went with her

Peter the parrot told them to go back to their dry, warm home but they kept going

Every step went slish-slosh but still they went on

Akbar the Alligator just shook his head as they walked past

Calmly, Elizabeth said “I need to keep going”

Here we are” she finally said

Home was right in front of them!

It was a big circle!” laughed Myrtle

Home is where the resistance starts” proclaimed Elizabeth

JKP is the long-suffering and very patient spouse of Christine Ray.  He is a graduate of Swarthmore College, an oenophile, and a punk rock aficionado.


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