My Robotic Leg

I think 

Someone has replaced

My ordinary right leg

With a robotic leg

Must have happened

While I was sleeping

It looks like my old leg

Carries out the basic


It bends

It flexes

It supports my weight

(Most of the time)

And yet it feels



Uneven sensitivity to stimuli

Rubbery in places

I am convinced that I could

Stick a hunting knife

In my mid thigh

And feel nothing

Until the synthetic blood

Runs down my leg

Reaches my calf

My ankle


It is glitchy

Prone to unpredictable

Acts of rebellion

I have never seen

The wires and microchips

Cogs and gears

But I imagine they

Are in there someplace

I contemplate

An excavation


You would think that

If someone went to all

The trouble

Of giving me a robotic leg

I could run faster

Jump higher

Penetrate cement walls

With a single kick

But my new leg

Shows no sign of

Any special capabilities

You’d think

I’d at least

Be able to read my email

On a screen on my knee

Open a beer with my bionic toes


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

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