Subversive Children’s Story Writing Prompt Challenge

I am taking a children’s and young adult literature class this semester and my first writing assignment is to write a board book aimed at kids 0 to 4. I have never done any writing for this age group before but I am seeing this as an opportunity to write subversive children’s literature. If you would like to have some fun with this as well, join the writing prompt challenge using the guidelines below.  Good way to step out of your comfort zone and try to take over the world!

The Guidelines:

  • Write a 25 to 1,500 word piece children’s story with vocabulary a 4 year old would know with a subversive theme (most board books have 32 pages including the front and back cover)
  • Link back to this page
  • Publish the piece on your blog before midnight EST on Sunday, September 17th
  • In the Leave a Reply section below, leave a link for your subversive children’s story
  • I will publish appropriate submissions on Brave and Reckless

My husband wrote his own that I think it’s pretty clever called Elizabeth kept going



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