Tiny Rich Eras (revisited)

A shout out to my brilliant, other worldly friend Max Meunier who made anagrams of my name.  How could I not write a poem using “Tiny rich eras” and “Icy in her stars”?!

I have learned something new

of souls mates of late

In the past I have thought of soul mates

in limited confines of romance

of Eros

or the love I feel for my children


The universe has recently revealed

pieces of my soul

I did not know were missing

housed in other souls in the ether

dropped them gently into my orbit


Perhaps the need was great

Perhaps I was finally stripped bare



ready for their radiance

prepared for truth


Almost instant bonds


Quite unlike me

Written words become

delicate silvery safety nets

become a nurturing web

become love notes


between lost souls now found

I am no longer known as “Icy in her star”


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


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