Stirring- A Collaborative Poem from Kindra Austin, Aurora Phoenix & Christine Ray

Your swift flowing water

Elusive, quicksilver

Brushes past my shores


my roughing grains


a flash flood


cut into earth

New veins carry fresh lifeblood

Awakening me

from long slumber

longing rippling outward

concentric circles


by turns urgent

and languid

your ebb

begets my flow

See the colors of infant life



brilliant resilience

inherited DNA

Kindra Austin is the voice at Kindra M. Austin

Aurora Phoenix writes at Insights from”Inside”

Christine Ray blogs at Brave and Reckless


All three can be found at Blood Into Ink and Sudden Denouement Literary Collective


    1. It always feels so natural and organic when we write together– we tap into something really deep with each other. Jasper often talks about the secret language that binds the writers at SD– I feel like the three of us bring it out naturally from each other.


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