Just No

My latest piece on Blood Into Ink

Blood Into Ink


self-declared “expert”

no md after his famous name

says that he knows my psyche

better than I know it myself

his condescending words

drip off the screen

leaving a grimy ooze in its wake





he calls me

I didn’t need him to write

that he had never walked in my Doc Martins

because if he had

he would know that it takes

guts of fire

spine of steel

bionic knees

teeth that can spit nails

to fight your way back out

after you have fallen into the Pit of Despair

looked into the abyss while it looks back

whispering  your name like a lover

stood at the 13th floor window

and thought how easy it would be to walk out

the opposite of depressed is not happy

the opposite of depressed is being able to take a deep breath

that doesn’t cut your lungs to…

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