First Place: Blood Into Ink Writing Prompt Challenge/indelible-Aziza/Rene

My apologies for being slow to judge the stunning entries submitted for the Blood Into Ink Writing Prompt Challenge.  My thanks to all the writers who participated as well as my Guest Judges Kindra M. Austin and Aurora Phoenix.  It is always a pleasure to see the creative ways writers interpret a challenge and an honor to publish your work on Brave and Reckless.

my heart has
wound down slow these days
like an old wrist watch
skips metaphorical measures
when i think of that night
how i kissed your spittle-flecked lips
between compressions
come back to me
1  –  2  – 3
come back to me
vermilion teardrops drying on your cheek


once you were breath bone cartilage
you would think your ephemeral ghost would be weightless
but i am so heavy with you

weeks after
i found myself guiltily peering thru
your journal pages and sketches
posthumous voyeur of your life’s doodles
the butterfly you drew
symbol of your recovery
swirled and labyrinthine

page in hand i trudged to the tattoo parlor
barely managing a whisper
“over my heart”
your blood into ink onto bone
needles stinging like recriminations

i imagine her wings batting, lifting off
riding my night sighs to find you
returning to me moistened with your kisses
wielded like armor against another day
without you

Aziza/Rene is always mother and survivor, sometimes  writer and artist living in the Midwest.  She’s recently started blogging again to document her journey back from the brink of destruction.  She lives with her teenage daughter and their little dog JoJo in a tiny apartment in the hood existing on too much takeout and a steady diet of coffee and energy drinks

You can find more of her writing at Aziza Afire


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