Unleash the Dragon

I was reminded today that there are those

who read the label “Survivor”

and instead only see

only hear


Who will deem me “damaged”

incapable of a “normal” life

There are days

I struggle

There are nights

I bleed

the wolves howl at my door

and I am sure that I can be hard to love

but it is an insult

a mistake

to tell me that I will only ever be my brokenness

when it is my steel

my grit

my ridiculous stubbornness and pride

that has carried me so far

I am a survivor

Forged in the fires of hell

I am a survivor

Tempered in the oceans of tears

I am a survivor

Who emerged a dragon

And I am fierce


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

25 thoughts on “Unleash the Dragon

  1. “I am a survivor Forged in the fires of hell”
    This poem is powerfull, so powerfull, it has my blood rushing.
    It’s absolute nativity and foolishness of people to think those who have suffered can not do, be or achieve great things…suffering builds character, sufferers might not have a normal life because they are meant for an extraordinary one!


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