Poetry with Devereaux Fraizer “I don’t mourn the dead bodies”

Devearaux- If I don’t tell you this enough, please know that I think that you are mad talented and I felt this like an electric shock in my bloodstream. Brilliant.

Tanya Tales

Hey Hi my lovelies! My name is Tanya Hooper and I post on this blog every Friday at 7pm … well, I usually post on this blog every Friday at 7pm but unfortunately this post is late. I have recently begun university and with all the craziness surrounding starting a new chapter in my life I may have forgotten to upload this amazing poem by the very talented Devereaux Fraizer. If you haven’t already do be sure to head across to his blog and check it out because if you are anything like me you will absolutely adore him. So share your love with him by sharing liking and commenting on this post and without further ado I am so very honoured to introduce this amazing poem to you …

I don’t mourn the dead bodies
but the emotions
last forever
haunting memory until we submit
to inevitable will

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