Child’s Play

playing hide and seek

with my anxiety tonight

trying to stay one step ahead

find hidey holes

deep enough to hide me

from myself

I have played twister

with the unknown before

left hand red

left leg blue

right leg trembling on green

contorting myself like a pretzel

in an effort to distract my brain

currently spinning like a vintage merry-go-round

pushed with so much momentum

that I could fly off the riveted steel like a launching rocket

need to stop looking at rulers

and online converters

that let me change metric to standard measures

(9.7 centimeters = 3.8189 inches)

some people say

they never expect bad things to happen

I could have been a boy scout

I am always prepared

for the worst case scenario

I excel at this game of chicken

with myself


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


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