You Were Meant to Know the Night Writing Prompt Challenge: Such Whispers Breathed/Ward Clever

The heat between us
A fire aglow
Yet somehow wet
Intense and slow
Our demons focus
On one deadly sin
The night
You were meant to know

Angelic body
Heaven sent
My thoughts are filled
With good intent
Our passion swirls
To know the night
You were meant

Skin blazing
In the firelight
My tongue, your depths
Your lips, my heights
Such whispers breathed
To draw us in
You were meant
To know the night

I write heartache and love, melancholy  and magic, surrealism and silliness, romance and rage, and that’s the poetry. The prose is sometimes poetry in  disguise, and sometimes a story of triumph, or of surreal sarcastic humor, of dystopia, or entertainment, or simply  something unexpected.

Find your favorite tag, pull up a chair, and relax. You’re in for a ride. I’ve got an
amusement park full of them.

I blog at Ward Clever


  1. Thank you, Christine! I’m sorry I’m so late – I thought it was going up on Blood Into Ink. I get confused sometimes.
    I’m linking to you now!


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