1st Blog-aversary on Brave and Reckless: Reflecting on An Unexpected Journey

I recently celebrated my one year anniversary at WordPress. What a milestone! Just a little over a year ago I started this blog with few expectations and fewer goals. I just kept putting one foot in foot in front of the other and let my path at WordPress emerge before me. I am pleased with how Brave and Reckless has organically evolved over the last year into the place that it is, proud of myself for embracing living brave and recklessly, and so very, very grateful for the wonderful relationships that have blossomed here.  I have made deep friendships, found writing soul mates, been given generous and insightful mentorship and have in turn had the honor of mentoring other exciting up-and-coming writers.  I have found my voice as a poet, grown as a writer, a blog master, an editor, and as a community member over the last twelve months.  It truly has been life changing.

Over the last year I have also had the great honor of being involved with several stellar writing collectives that are my heart and soul here on WordPress.  If you are not already following these sites, let me tell you a little bit more about them.

Sudden Denouement Literary Collective:  Sudden Denouement is the home of some of the most talented, bad ass and innovative writers of divergent literature I have met here at WordPress.  I am awe-struck, inspired and supported by this amazing group of international writers every day.  It is a privilege to write among them.

Blood Into Ink: Blood Into Ink is a project near and dear to my heart.  I beyond grateful that this incredible group of writers and brilliant human beings took a leap of faith when I said that there should be a home on WordPress for fierce writing about trauma.  I am so proud of the quality of the writing and feel that the Curators and guest writers at Blood Into Ink have helped change the narrative of what it means to write about survival.

Whisper and The Roar: Whisper and the Roar is a sister site of Sudden Denouement and highlights strong, modern writing from talented feminist writers.  The women and men at Whisper and the Roar write powerfully about their lives and the impact of gender, sexuality, sexual and gender identity and relationship.  Good, good stuff.

Go Do Go Café: The brainchild of Stephen Fuller, the Go Dog Go Café is a warm, welcoming environment where writers come to gather.  The Go Dog Go Café is a place to read good writing, talk about creative inspiration and celebrate the writing life.

Thank you all for coming on this incredible journey of self-discovery with me.  I look forward to spending years to come with you.

Peace and Light,



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