You Were Meant to Know the Night Writing Prompt Challenge: Damian Grange

You were meant to know the night! The night belongs to our kind. We are the children of the night, The Vampires, night gives us succour and shelter, the daylight is alien to our kind.

Our victims walk the night believing themselves to be invulnerable, they seem to have no inclination that our kind feed on them. That their blood gives us eternal life.

You must learn rapidly child! If you are to survive in this, their world. You must make use of the night and all that it offers for without the night, our kind are surely doomed.

© Damian Grange 2017

I am a 74 yrs old aspiring author. In my life I have been many things, I am relatively well traveled and have many and varied interests. I was on the British goth Scene for many years and a certain amount of my writing still reflects this. I write under the name of Damian Grange.  You can read more of my writing at Malcolm Marsh – Author


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