You Were Meant to Know the Night Writing Prompt Challenge: Devereaux Frazier

darkness cascades upon me

shadows remind of the specter

her spectacle of hands around my throat

silver blade reflected blue eyes

deeper than any ocean

unable to be pacified by my cries

black nails clawed away at my hope

and ate my faith off the dinner plate

of our love

my heart was a pomegranate

and the blood flowed with the seed

of my life

mangled pink flesh was hers to devour

this and every night

eschewed by day and trapped in her grasp

the immortal wounds of her desire

were stripes bourne to last

with one final act

she gave no glance into my eye

but shoved the blade into my thigh

standing over me, she whispers

with Alexander’s hubris and pride

you were meant

to know the night

I’m Devereaux Frazier, an eighteen year old poet and writer from Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve been published eight times on SpillWords, with my piece “Pleadings Against The Preposterous” being nominated for Publication Of the Month of May. I’ve also been published five times on TeenInk, with my story “Less Than Human” being published in the October 2016 edition of their magazine. In addition, Literary Art Review has published three of my poems as well. I am the sole voice of the blog An Aspergian’s Chemical Romance. You can also find me on Facebook.


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