An Ordeal by Fate-Sandy Sandals

It all began with a thought, that originated as a dapple
kindling emotions and actions I had to grapple
a thought, a dream to be something
not in to fit in, but to stand out.

Took a leap of faith just to fail
lost my confidence and became frail
belief, faith and trust seemed futile
battled waves extremely brutal

Shunned loved ones and avenues that meant the world to me
hoping that was the best coping mechanism that could possibly be
filled with dread and terror,
I faced the consequences of my error

Out sprung a path after a long wait
a path of patience and perseverance,
a path little less ornate

Walking the path, as there is no place to go
unaware of the repercussions my life might throw
the path is long and I am still nowhere
but is filled with wisdom that would enhance my flair

I choose to tread to a destination unknown
vehemently exploring out of my comfort zone
basking in the diverse experiences laid on my track
hoping the dots would connect when I look back
– Sandhya Shekar (AKA Sandy Sandals)

About me: Optometrist, explorer, science geek, humorist, environmentalist, polyglot & an amateur photographer

I blog at things that matter to me


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