The Whisper of a Roar- Alethia Green

How do I drown in the depths of your lies when the deepest parts of you are so shallow the water lilies wilt and die
While the depths of me are filled with undercurrents with hidden rushes of power that suck you under when you don’t expect it
Maybe that is why in desperation I I clung to your shallow rooted truth

Like you are  a life ring in the hurricane  I sought the calm of the eye while the winds hid my cries

I can’t say you were born with wings because you can’t fly,
I can’t say you were born with roots because you Tilt and spin with every storm

I can’t say anything except that your the wind, forever changing, never the same and it takes a little bit of faith to believe you’re real

Sometimes dandelions ride on your whispers, sometimes buildings fall at your roar.

When against my neck you make me shiver. When against my existence you make me fall

When your finished the devastation is what’s left to show you were there at all

I’m 44 and have 3 kids and the proud Nana of 2.
I write from the places in me I don’t easily share and I hope it touches you somewhere you let sleep.
You can read more of my writing and follow me at Twistdbutterfly

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