You Were Meant to Know the Night Writing Prompt Challenge: ER Buendia

As the moon dances across the lake

Fairies fall into slumber

Poppies shine brightly against the darkness

Lovers begin laughing into the wind

As they prepare for their midnight rendezvous

The humidity of the summer winds

Bring sweat to the brows of children

The lonely ones feel melancholy,

While filling their hearts with hope

And on this summer night,

I run my hands through the dirt beneath me

As I dream to become the moon

Round luminous and filled with the immortal beauty of purity


The moonlight’s smile reflects across the trees

Dazzling and entertaining

Oh, nature. What a miracle!

Hot winds, mist from the water

Meet the earth


The earth becomes me, and

I join the earth as I continue to sink

Deeper into the abyss of the night

Free as leaves swinging in a chilly autumn evening

My body cocooned by fragments of the moon as it dazzles the earth

Shining its warmth and maternal essence upon the forest and its hidden creatures

Lifted by a breeze, swept across evergreen trees…

My eyes go deeply into a restful sleep.

Another ending to a perfect summer night

E.R. Buendia has been writing for years in the realm of fantasy, fiction, and, poetry. She enjoys creating pieces that create dreamy landscapes or empower and inspire the audience. Buendia is currently working toward her goal of becoming a high school English teacher so she could share her love of books with others! On her spare time, she enjoys reading, stories that delve into the occult and practices yoga on a daily basis (as well as teaches it) in San Diego, California.

E. R. blogs at Celena StarVela


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