You Were Meant to Know the Night Writing Prompt Challenge: One with the Night/Kristen

“You were meant to know the night,” she whispered into my ear. Her hold strengthened with inhuman force as she braced me against her body; steadying me for what was about to come. I had long since given up the struggle against this exquisite creature. The power she held over me was unrelenting.

The edge of time seemed to be nearing at a quickening pace, the unyielding hunger in her eyes expressing her desire. Tracing their way my chest to my throat, her icy fingertips lingered for a moment over the gently palpitating skin. I knew that she could feel my pulse quicken as the seconds dragged on.

Paralyzed from fear of the unknown, I waited for an eternity. She had forewarned of the indescribable pain would soon consume me as I take my last breath and awaken a nocturnal animal; forever destined to lurk in the shadows.

Her scent, a mixture of lavender and vanilla, filled my nostrils and in that moment any lingering uncertainties faded away. She could feel my heart slowing to a normal rhythm. Without any further warning, she lunged to my flesh and dug her fangs into my skin. As she began to drink the warm liquid out of my body, an overwhelming burning took over my being. Starting at my wound, it snaked its way through me. The feeling so intense I couldn’t writhe against it. I lay there silently pleading for the end to come.

It seemed like the torture would never stop, but without warning the burning was replaced with an intense cold as she pulled away. She wiped a drop of blood from her lip as she spoke. “You’ll get used to it. Soon, you won’t even remember what it was like to be warm.” She smiled her brilliant smile at me before bringing her own arm to her mouth. Without flinching she bit down, blood beginning to trickle down her pale skin.

“Here, drink.” She sat next to me and let me suckle from the laceration. I hadn’t realized how thirsty I was, and the taste of her lifeblood on my tongue was both delicious and exotic; the taste of lavender and vanilla filling my mouth. It felt like I could drink from her forever, but she pulled away before I was satisfied. “Now we hunt,” she stated, grabbing her shoes from the floor and walking to the door. “I’ll wait for you outside. Just don’t make me wait long.”

Following her orders, I slowly sat up on the bed while paying careful attention to the different reactions of my muscles and senses; every reaction new, every noise amplified. Making sure not to move too quickly I found myself staring into the mirror and couldn’t turn away from my reflection. My normally tan skin was now so white it was almost translucent, my eyes had been blue but were now a shade of black and red. Opening my mouth, fangs stood out immediately. There was no way that I could pass as human ever again. Now, I will only know others like me, the ones who feed on humans as prey. This will be the only life I will know for the rest of eternity, and even though the thought was a bit frightening the adventure that awaited held endless possibilities. I can’t wait to know the night.

My name is Kristen and I blog at It Happened While Writing. I love to write fiction, but have recently branched out into poetry. Being able to share my work with others has always been a lifetime goal of mine, and I am currently working to become a published author.

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