So You Want Brave and Reckless’ Feedback on You Blog. . .Updated 10/2017

I am currently investing a lot of my energy into building up Whisper and the Roar and learning to manage my fibromyalgia, which leaves me with fewer waking hours to review other writer’s blogs.  I have revised my review guidelines below to better reflect my current availability.  My apologies to those of you who have already submitted a request that I have not yet been able to honor– my real life and my WP life are very, very full right now.  You are welcome to your resubmit the request.  As always, the more specific your request, the more quickly I can respond and the more helpful my advice will be.

I have been completely blown away by how many WordPress Bloggers have read Brave and Reckless’ Advice for New WordPress Bloggers Part 1, liked the post and/or have taken the time to leave a thoughtful comment.  I have been trying really hard to respond to each and every comment but I am just one person and I do need to sleep sometime.

I have been really flattered by all the requests to check out your blogs or a particular piece of writing.  I have been trying to honor these requests because I remember all too well what it is like to be a brand new blogger, but my time is limited and giving feedback can be a tricky thing.  Here are some things to keep in mind before you ask me to look at your blog.

  • I can only honor requests to look at your blog if it comes in on the embedded Contact form at the right top hand corner of my blog.  With both my comments section and my personal email exploding since Brave and Reckless’ Advice for New WordPress Bloggers Part 1 went live on Discover, your requests run the risk of  falling off my radar or getting buried in my inbox.
  • Give me 2 to 4 weeks to honor your request.  As I have said before, I have a high-demand day job, two kids, a spouse, a five month old puppy who is chewing on everything and I am a managing editor for three other blogs.  I will try to honor your request but give me a reasonable amount of turnaround time.  If I haven’t gotten back to you in two weeks, feel free to resend the request.  My inbox is scary.
  • I will give my honest feedback.  I get paid to proofread dissertations, manuscripts and other technical writing.  I am never brutal but I am direct and honest. As a writer, it has taken me some time to learn to graciously accept constructive criticism and learn to integrate it.  Make sure that you really want my constructive criticism before you contact me.
  • If you have specific questions or concerns write that in your request!  It is much easier and much more comfortable for me to respond to specific questions about a blog or a blog posts.  Worried that your posts are too long?  Tell me that.  Worried about the tone of your posts?  Tell me that.  The more specific you are, the more tailored and effective my feedback will be.
  • Please don’t ask me to review your blog unless you have at least 5 posts up. Sometimes 3 posts are enough to fairly evaluate a site but 5 will give me a much better idea of your voice and your vibe.
  • PLEASE include a link to your blog in your request!!!!  I wish I had the time to go looking for your blog, but realistically I don’t.  Send me the link for the piece you want me to look at.  If you have a blog design/vibe question, the link to your home page is fine.  Two links maximum please.
  • Remember that I am NOT a blogging professional.  I am just a relatively new blogger myself who happens to do some proofreading and editing of scientific writing as part of my day job.  You and I may have completely different tastes in writing, politics, religion, etc.  You can take my advice or leave my advice but keep in mind that we may just have completely different tastes.  I will do my best to keep an open mind and focus on what you ask me to.

Peace and light,


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved



11 thoughts on “So You Want Brave and Reckless’ Feedback on You Blog. . .Updated 10/2017

  1. I have now read this and most (I think) of your other posts on the blogging life and say Bravo! Having restarted keeping a blog just a few weeks ago—first time on WP—I find your observations and advice right on the mark and helpful, but most important, encouraging. My partner and I are finding the daily blog very stimulating for us as makers and doers. Many creative doors have opened in the process. We find interest from interesting people about work we figured might be okay for us but not other folks. Thus encouraged to be brave and reckless . . . we find people like it best when we are! Thank you & keep bloggin!


  2. You sound crazy busy! So I will rely on the wordpress world to give feedback on my blog but I do have one question…Facebook. I am not a fan of Facebook and do not have a Facebook account. Do you think it is super important or necessary to spread the word about my blog? And if you do is there anyway to create a Facebook page just to spread the word about my blog and not have to post about what I do on Wednesday afternoons and pictures of what I eat? (sorry for the sarcasm). Do you have other suggestions other then Facebook? I am not a social media person and barely understand how it works but if it is what is needed then I will do it!

    thank you 🙂

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    1. You can set up a standalone Facebook account that syncs to your WordPress blog. If I were starting out right now, I probably wouldn’t bother with Facebook. The algorithms on Facebook make it hard for pages such as this to do well. I would focus any social media efforts on Instagram and/or Twitter. More reward for the effort.

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      1. thank you! And thank you for responding so quickly 🙂 I will have one of the young people in my life set up an Instagram or Twitter account for me. They know how to do those things better then I 🙂


      2. Sorry, Christine for butting in. I just have one query, how does Instagram help in making my blog visible? I have been advised by many of my friends to create an Insta account, so far I have been dodging the idea thinking that it is primarily a photo sharing platform.

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      3. Hi Piyali- Feel free to butt in! There is actually a very large writers community on Instagram. I would say that using Instagram as a platform is less about making your blog visible than it is bringing your writing to a new community. I tend to make memes of either fragments of my writing or whole small pieces, other folks use an image and link back to their blog while others use an image and post their writing with it. It is really an issue of what works best with your writing. I suggest you check out a few WordPress writers to see hoe they use Instagram. I can be found at I also recommend checking out Hudson Biko,, Nicole Lyons and Aakriti Kuntal

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