You Were Meant to Know the Night Writing Prompt Challenge: Anarie Brady

She walks in the light with a smile on her face, a suit on her body, a book in her hand. Her eyes reflect her intelligence, her kindness, her willingness to assist others as her job requires. Strangers look at her and see a strong, professional woman. I look beneath this layer and see more.

At night she comes to me. She bares her body and her soul. The night frees her of her Librarian persona. She is unfettered from professionalism. She is free to let her heart lead her head.

Here, in the night, there is freedom within darkness.

Within darkness, there is awakening.

Within awakening, there is Power.

Within Power, there is release.

This she does. She release all of her shields, her barriers, her defenses and becomes her primal self. She was meant to know the night, to know a gentle but firm hand, to know freedom and awakening and power and release. She is, in fact, the beauty of the Night.

I was first published in 2008 and now have 7 books and 5 short stories available in e-print, several as traditional print, all of which are available at reliable online bookstores I live a quiet life with my husband, have 2 grown sons, and a chinchilla named Krampus. I’ve been invovled in the BDSM lifestyle ofr over 30 years and have seen the good, the bad, the ugly, the passionate, the healing, and the comfort of it.

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