Ordinary World

This piece was inspired by Joy William’s haunting cover of Duran Duran’s Ordinary World. It mixes actual song lyrics with the vivid feelings it evoked for me.

The soft notes of a piano

Float gently into my ears

Drift downward like snow

Become this morning’s

Ache in those tender

Hidden places in my heart


Lyrics expand

Slowly in my brain

Lavender and midnight blue

Seep drop by drop

Into my veins

Before starting to circulate

Spread through my body


This song begins to

Vibrate in my bones

Like it contains secret messages

About this world

About my life

That I am meant to decode


Messages of haunting sadness

Precious things lost

Former versions of myself

Faded away into the mist

I cannot escape the ghost of you

I cannot escape the ghost of me


There is a vacuum in my heart

Where we both used to live

Where we existed

In a kaleidoscope

Of shifting, beautiful

Brightly colored fragments


Pieces tumbling together

In an always changing


Not a new whole

But a dynamic symphony

Of us


Gone away

Now lost to time

Lost to pride

Lost to holy need

Where is the world that

I recognize?

I am left to survive


In this ordinary world


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


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