Book Review: Machiavelli’s Backyard – David Lohrey

Nicole Lyons reviews Davd Lohrey’s Machiavelli’s Backyard

Nicole Lyons


A Must Read

David Lohrey has written an outstanding collection that sinks its hooks into you from the first page and doesn’t let go until long after you’ve finished reading. Authentic, honest, and often uncomfortable, Machiavelli’s Backyard is equally as heartbreaking and hilarious as it is beautiful and brazen. David Lohrey is a remarkable writer and reading Machiavelli’s Backyard was like hanging out with a very cool old uncle, the one who has lived hard and well and hands out wisdom like candy, often in the most inappropriate and glorious way. This book is must read for anyone who appreciates great art and good literature, and those that need a lesson on both.

Read more of David’s work on Sudden Denouement 

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