Thereby hangs a tail- Adnama72

There by hangs a tail,  the other end is attached to my cat. Without which he could not indicate if he is happy, sad or mad.

Sometimes, I think I catch a smile, a twitch of a whisker,  inviting me to linger a while.

He is not known for action as far as I am aware, in fact he’s a bit twitchy at the sound of something bumping he jumps up nervously here or there.

He is affectionate, I suspect a lover not a fighter, but pushed will stand his ground.

Thereby hangs a tail it is a attached to my cat but that is quite natural a common known fact.

Written by a cat lover, of two lovely yet uniquely lovely cats Claudia and Salem, featured in and muse for this poem, simple yet lovely poem from the Heart. My Heart.

I blog at Adnama in Wonderland


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