Julia…-Eric Syrdal/My Sword and Shield. . .

Eric Syrdal/My Sword and Shield. . .
This story told in verse completely swept me away from my every day life.

My Sword and Shield....


They say
she was born
in that
massive thunderstorm
in 66′

They didn’t mean
she come into this
world through
her mother

What they meant
was that the lightning
came down
and split the ground

like Aphrodite
rising from
the waves
she stepped onto this
cursed earth

And with each and every
step she took
throughout her life
she left behind smoldering

They called her a witch,

Said horses spooked
at the mention of her name
when she left a room
flowers would wilt and
cream would turn sour

Said her papa
had made a deal with
the ruinous powers
cheatin’ at cards

Devil came to collect
left a fever
and his mark on
her momma

One sunday
Preacher stopped his Sermon
when she walked into
the back of the chapel

Sat in the last row
not sayin nothin….
just watching.

I met her at
the Green…

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