Choke Hold

My latest piece on Blood Into Ink

Blood Into Ink

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There is breath

the sharp inhale

of undiluted emotion

that stings

sharp and bright

going down

so much pulverized glass

the slow release




thick with double meaning

that I choke on

as I exhale

I try to clear my throat

of you

but you cling to my uvula

resisting my efforts

to expel you

to exorcise your poltergeist

I made you

you rumble angrily

against my vocal chords


I concede

as I administer the Heimlich maneuver

viciously on myself

relish the ache of my ribs

as I finally rid myself of you

whiskey chaser burns exquisitely

down my raw throat

purifying me of your taint

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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