Hide and Seek

We are

lost souls

in the darkness

trapped in an endless game

of hide and seek



time and pain

have worn us thin


We stumble


get turned around

sense of direction lost

Formless shapes

pass us by

push us

bump us

out of trajectory

never stopping

never speaking


How will you know me

in this ocean of night?

In this sea of ghosts?

Will you know me

by the staccato rhythm of

of my heartbeat?

Will you know me

by the lavender scent of my tears

The iron twang of my blood?


Will you taste my pain

on the wind

know which way to turn?

Will the faint throb of

light that is my soul

be a beacon to you?

Will you brush by me

and recognize the contours

of my heart

a sigh of relief escaping your lips

as you instinctively

reach out to grasp

my hand?


Bringing us both into

sharp relief

Shading us technicolor

Hearts pounding

Hands trembling

Vulnerable eyes



as we finally know home


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved



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