The Cadence of Hope- December Rose

The mechanical resonance

that fills my bones

has me cracking.

Constructive frequency

chips away

at my shoulders and knees.

Rejection to critique

to the words

that no one speaks

that haunt me

that makes my courage


my visage


This is not pretty.

This is the ugly



But I keep getting up,

pushing forward,

moving on,

walk the line

the rhythm and rhyme

that don’t waste time

with “I’m not fine.”

Because I am.

I am good.

I mean I’m not,

but the place I’ve stood

is not hallowed ground

and it’s nothing profound

it’s nothing short

of white noise

and useless sound.


But I am a symphony

walking to the swing beat

that cascades from inside me

the one that sets my feet free

tells me I can be me

to keep on persevering

and in order to get me to sing,

it starts with something moving

gets my heart beating

the things I fear – fleeting

what held me back – deceiving

has no place – retreating

moving forward is freeing.


I walk to the cadence of Hope.

My name is December Rose… Well, that’s not entirely true, but I prefer that name as a writer. Just like everyone else, I’m not just a writer. I’m also not just a musician, engineer, coffee enthusiast, or child, but I am all of those things and plus a bit more. I’ve lived life and had my share of wonderful and regrettable experiences, and found that my place in the world seems to be in words. I like to tell stories about my friends because they’re all quirky characters, and I think they could all be legends, if they’d let themselves. I like to write poetry about the beautiful things in life, and yeah, sometimes I get a bit melancholy. Really, my December Rose blog is all about wearing my heart on my sleeve and keeping up my creative writing skills, since my job requires zero creativity, and if I went all day without some sort of outlet, I’d lose myself. I’d appreciate any and all critique (don’t worry about sparing my feelings. If you’re coming from the angle of trying to help me improve, I’ll understand even the most nit-picky critique) because I do intend to write and publish books someday. I also just love people, and if my writing can be an inspiration or simply bring a smile to even one other human, it’ll be worth it to me. My goal is to make memories, be in memories, and give others something to remember.

“God gave us memories so we could have roses in December” – J. M. Barrie (author of Peter Pan)

I blog at December Rose



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