Embers-Sabrina Escorcio/Una Zingara

Una Zingara

As memories burn, smoke lingers thick
and I am left here with blurred vision
from a mind’s eye that stings with regret.

Just enough, to impair vision.

Just enough, to weaken judgement.

So, with an open mouth I make another attempt
to gasp for a swill of air, eager to receive relief;
the breath of reconciliation, to fill hopeless lungs.

Yet, I inhale instead in unforgiving gulps,
from charred embers that smolder among reality,
these singed bittersweet remnants of our past.

Just enough, to stifle promise.

Just enough, to choke on consequence.

Memories continue to singe in truth’s refining fire;
it is our story that burns, of a love that turned,
into the tragedy that is us.


Sabrina Escorcio
June 2017


Photo credit to Kiara Rose – Via Flickr.com





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