Harvest of Stars

She is the humble handmaiden

of the goddess of the moon


She who bathes the night

and all that dwell in the darkness

in her silver-white radiance

which eats the deepest

slithering dark

that brings heart-thudding



and mortal peril

to her beloved children

Her acolyte

who might have had

another name once

now long forgotten

is simply called Poetess

She loves and worships

her goddess fiercely

does her goddess proud

Maintains the old ways

walks the hidden paths

writes the sacred truths

bringing healing to Luna’s

special ones

the humans and

other creatures that

only emerge

when the sun has set

Luna hums in pleasure and delight

when Poetess’ careful labors

yield the first harvest of stars

that fall gently into

Poetess’ cupped hands

like snowflakes

like crystal tears

studding the inky canvas

of the midnight sky


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


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